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Exercise 1D
Commonly confused words
Some words are very similar in meaning, and it is important to know exactly when, where and how you can use them. There are many ways of describing how we go from one place to another. Look at the listing below and by using an online dictionary create one sentence for each of the words in the listing. Post your sentences in your weblog.

  • journey
  • trip
  • flight
  • voyage
  • crossing
  • drive
  • ride
  • tour


1. On my JOURNEY from Oslo to Singapore I am doing my home work

2. My friend Nina and my self are going on a TRIP to Amsterdam

3. We all most miss the FLIGHT back to Oslo from Zurich

4. For our group a VOYAGE on "THE WORLD" will be to expensive

5. The shortest way from Moss to Tønsberg is by CROSSING the sea whit BastøyFosen

6. We are going to DRIVE across Europe this Summer

7. If you have a stopover in Copenhagen you should go for a RIDE TO THE tIVOLI

8. My all ready planed TOUR to India is near by

28 November 2006  18:56:58   -  Tove Nilsen


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