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My option is that there is not a very different way of how people in Norwegian talk on the phone and the way people in other countries talks, such as Britain and USA.

The main difference is that people in Britain and USA use the formal title as Mr, Mrs and Ms before a person’s name. And they use the please phrase often.

If the people in Norway don’t use the formal title or the please phrase when they speak to people in Britain and USA, they will be seen as rude.

The people in Britain and USA also use the other ones first name more often than the people in Norway.

 The main problems that can arise when using the telephone is:

Beside bad line, back ground noise and someone talking to quiet, the main problem is that you are not able to see the other person that you having the conversation with.

Therefore you are not able react to the expression in his or her face or to the hand movements.

Another problem could be the language problem, both your own and the other persons.

There is also often a problem of misunderstanding because of various reasons.

 Good conversation is:

Telling the other person who you are and why you are calling

Speaking clearly and not to fast 

 Speaking in a polite and friendly tone of voice

Making notes on the important information

Asking the person to repeat anything you aren’t sure about

Double checking your notes to make sure you are correct

Finish the call in a positive, friendly way


 The British and American people are small talking about how they are, how the weather is and so on.

I think it is a good idea to use small talk to start a call because this will make the other person relax and you show some interest of the other person social. Small talk is a business skills that has an effect on what way your business partners see you. Sometimes the small talk could the difference if your business partner would give you a contract or not.

It also help you to maintain a good business relationship.















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